"The Vegas"--a Former Guitar


The Former Guitars are a family of instruments that bean when NF successfully modified and decontextulalized a Silvertone electric guitar. The "classic" former guitar is a pure conversion job. Conversely, new instruments like the Divynax, Vegas, and Guitaint use guitar components (such as pickups, strings and tuning heads) but are made from scratch.

The former guitars have two strings which share tension through a "head" that pivots under the control of a long whammy arm. This configuration causes one string to tighten as the other is loosened, creating a tonal center. The difference of the strings at rest (equal tension) is an octave, because of the string diameter.


The Former Guitars also have a movable bridge that acts as a big fret for "hammer-on" and other techniques more specific to the instrument. Pickups are mounted under both ends of the string, allowing for multiple independant string segments. The range of the string tension is two to three octaves. The movable bridge futher divides the string into intervals. This mechanical formula echos the sound-math of the Nondo.

Former Guitar duets by THUS audio sample

The Former Guitar 1980
The Bendy Guitar 1985
The Bendy Guitar (detail)
The Nuguitar 1994
Divynax 1999
The Vegas 2000
The Guitaint 2002

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