Anaplumb (detail)

Weighted Strings
Inspired by Pythagorus and Alvin Lucier, Neil developed instruments that derived their tension from that enigmatic force, gravity. The Bowling Ball Instruments act primarily as pendulums. The pendulum can swing against a moveable bridge as to become an asymmetrical pendulum. These instruments act as slow mechanical rhythm machines and are most effective in plural. The poly-phase relationships among three Bowling Ball Instruments is hypnotic and inscrutable


The Anaplumb
The Anaplumb is a Bowling Ball Instrument with a complicated weight or "bob." This Anaplumb bob consists of a spring, three heavy vibrators at different speeds, and a large magnet. This bob hovers ove another heavy magnet, creating a repellant and anti-gravitational force. The three vibrators vie for resonance with the string and the spring. The frequencies of the string and spring are determined by weight which is fluxed by the magnetic field. This is a finely balanced chaotic system.


Anaplumb sound clip

Bowling Ball Instrument (NF with John Sheehan) 1987
Anaplumb (Phase 1) 1999

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